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12bet exchange basketball

Sportsbook 12Bet is one of the bookies that offers a wide variety of real bets on many different types of sports. One of the services that 12bet also provides is the 12Bet Sportsbook Exchange that allows players to not only place bets at this house but also market matches to increase profits.

What is a betting exchange?

12bet exchange basketball
12bet exchange sportbook – Source: Freepik

The demand for betting of people is increasing, and especially for Indians. They not only want to bet with the house, but they also want to bet with friends, who are participating in the bet.

So instead of betting against the dealer, you are actually betting against other players on the same bookie, like 12bet for example.

In this case, the house will be the place to organize the betting playground and they will not benefit more than multiplying the commission through the participants’ betting conditions.

Arbitrage betting on an exchange

In addition to Lay or Back Place bets, when you join a betting exchange on 12bet, it is possible to place Arbitrage betting bets.

This means you are essentially betting on both sides of an outcome. Example: Mumbai Indians will win their match And Mumbai Indians will lose their match.

This type of betting is usually only allowed to players on betting exchanges like 12bet exchange. On regular betting sites, it is not allowed.

Basically, spread betting will increase your odds of winning, this is also known as a sure bet.

Why is Betting Exchange Attractive? 

12bet exchange cricket
12bet betting cricket exchange – Source: Freepik

Since you may be new to the term “betting exchange”, we will elaborate on 3 general reasons why you should use a betting exchange:

  • Betting exchange offers better odds
  • You get more profit
  • You can connect and expand your network of friends!

On a betting exchange, the odds of each match are determined based on the total number of people on which side. For example, if a cricket match is played between the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings, and the majority believe that the Mumbai Indians will win, the odds are in favor of a victory for Mumbai.

Taking advantage of this, players will surely guess where there will be a safe place to bet. Those who like to take risks and have their own calculations for their match will be able to still bet on Chennai and bring in a big win.

And the most interesting thing this exchange bet offers is the comfort and entertainment element in gambling. Since you have more choices, you can bet with your friends right away with the fair share of the house in the middle. Hence we have always found using a betting exchange to be just way more enjoyable than using a regular betting site.

So now that you know more about betting exchanges, the next question is which one should you use!

12bet Exchange – The best betting exchange in India 

12bet exchange is one of the largest and most popular exchanges in India. This is an exchange that not only allows players to exchange but also offers the most abundant odds and betting options in this 2nd most populous country.

The betting platform on 12bet is user-friendly with very easy to use features and is also available in many languages. Therefore, let’s find out how to bet  at this bookie.

How to Use the Betting Exchange at 12bet

Once you have successfully logged in and deposited money into 12bet. You can start learning and exploring the betting products of this bookie. And when it comes to betting exchange, you may be wondering how to actually use a betting exchange.

If that is the case, then the following guide will help you better understand the bets or bet with friends on the 12bet exchange platform.

Step 1: Register and create an account. 

This step is for those of you who do not have an account with 12bet. If you already have it, you can skip this step 1.

Note: You need to pay attention when sending money to your account to make sure that you enter correct personal information when registering, to avoid unnecessary account related problems.

Step 2: Deposit money to the betting exchange

For those of you wondering how to deposit money into your account, you can refer to our how to deposit section.

Step 3: Get welcome bonus on betting exchange

Unfortunately at the moment we do not see any welcome bonuses for new players on the 12bet exchange. But this will not let you down because there are many other prizes waiting for you for the next deposit.

When you are ready to bet, you can choose to bet “BACK” or bet “LAY” as required by other players. Always remember: Blue means “Back” and Pink means “Lie”

A “Back” bet means you are betting on the event to happen. And the “Lay” bet has the opposite meaning.

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First launched in 2007 by PACIFIC SEA INVESTS S.A., over the years, 12bet has become a popular entertainment spot for sports betting and online casino games. In addition, the bookie offers a wide variety of slot machines, table games, casino games, poker, etc.

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